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When I have time , I like to go to the Jean –Talon market. Sometimes I take the time to walk through all the aisles of the market and to go shopping and other time I go for specific shopping and I know exactly my itinerary.  Few weeks ago, on a Sunday it’s what I did, specific shopping ! Time of this walk : 1h30 . With specific purchases in mind, and a few additions along the way. I left late in the morning ; bread , donuts , flowers, a little something to bring back for lunch , some fruits , zucchinis and a tool for making zucchini spirals …

Berries in August
In season we love berries from producers. Each seasons has its varieties. Learn to adapt your menus to use them.

This Sunday I selected the following shops;

For the bread: Joe la Croûte

For the flowers; Binette et Filles

For the zucchinni tool : Quincaillerie Dante

For the lunch to bring back home and other products : Boutique Atelier Travaglini inc (Nicola Travaglini)


Joe la croûte


Finally, I decided to visit this place which many people have talk to me about it. For no reason, I’ve never stopped by! Today I decide to change my routine! I try this place which I’ve  heard  good things about. At first I’ve was interested by this Horchata baguette that still available for only a few weeks, since it is created to replace the traditional baguette that is not available because of flour backorder. This is a new creation and it’s delight! I must admit that the description made me doubt.  I’m interested by the presence of cornmeal (if I am not mistaken about 8%) but septic of the horchata; a Mexican drink made with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. It’s this element that provides flexibility and softness to the bread rather than taste that would be present or pronounced. This is not a sweet bread. So, after discussing with the employe at the counter, I chose this bread, I have not been disappointed! A real treat!

Horchata baguette & Romeo bread.

I also purchased the Romeo bread; almonds, pears, white and dark chocolate. This bread, I kept it for the next morning. A crispy crust but the inside is soft and with beautiful flavors that are very good in the mouth. With the espresso it’s happiness!

The store is small, you will find only one counter for bread and there are limited quantities. But who can complain about having bread so fresh? I like their concept of having a bread selection that is repetitive every day and some selections that are present on a specific days. I invite you to their website which is very easy to use and really up to date. Service is friendly and attentive. So, if you go through the market soon, don’t be shy to stop by…

Here’s the week menu. Original! No?!

Joe la croûte

7024, Casgrain Ave.,
Montreal, QC, H2S 3A2
(514) 272-9704

*Closed on Monday, opened from 6h am, check the schedule on their website.


Fleuriste Binette et filles

Located at the Jean-Talon Market, the place is charming and alive. Stop by the next time. Treat other or treat yourself! Why not?

I saw beautiful pictures of flowers and I wanted to pick a little bouquet … nothing extravagant. Simple, beautiful and discreet, because I love flowers. I stopped at Binette et filles. They have all kinds of bouquets, which I find are different from what we always see. Charming  bouquets and very affordable. Everything there will make want to  by some on a Sunday afternoon without specific reason ….

I took a bunch of flowers already prepared and I added a touch of pink. You like it? All this for under 20$. Who said that offering  flowers is expensive?

Fleuriste Binette et Filles

7070 Henri-Julien Ave., Case Postale C-14,
Montréal, QC, H2S 3S3
(514) 272-6789


Boutique Atelier Travaglini inc (Nicola Travaglini)

In this boutique, there are always people coming in and going out … I find the place alive. There are also those who take an espresso or the ones who are at the table for a meal. Attentive service awaits. Beautiful products are offered; pasta, sauces, frozen products of all kinds, oils, coffee, etc … Like one of my friend from Italy use to say when he visit the store « here i feel like in Italy ».

The menu makes you want to stay to eat there. This menu is for lunch. There is also some events organized in the evening. You will also find pastries and cakes, coffees, pizza, porchetta, cheeses etc … Eat on place or taken them for takeout. I love their porchetta !!! it has so many flavors. This Sunday I bought their tomato paste, a piece of porchetta, and two pieces of pizza (1 piece with porchetta, peppers and Parmesan shavings, another piece with zucchinnis, olives and artichokes) …. Huuuummmmm !!!

Porchetta cooked on site.
Different varieties are available. To eat there or to bring.

Boutique Atelier Travaglini inc (Nicola Travaglini)

152 Avenue Mozart E,
Montréal, QC, H2S 1B4
(438) 386-6646


Quincaillerie Dante

The traditional stop: Quincaillerie Dante! I find everything. Any kind of kitchen items, also different kind of oils, salts, flours (00 or wheat semolina), the Aurora tomatoes per case, various kitchen equipment’s and what about the new arrivals …

This time, I purchased the usual Aquarello risotto. Also, I was looking for a device to make vegetable spirals. I found the OXO (see the article published previously: MlleClo à testé pour vous: OXO Coupe spirales ⁄ MlleClo tested for you: OXO vegetables spiralizer). I found something new: the smoked maple mustard . It is a mixture prepared with mustard (traditional yellow mustard! But better !!! With a slight sweet taste). It is excellent! Give it! Try it!

For you or for others, you always find a little something to please.

Quincaillerie Dante

6851 Rue Saint Dominique, Montréal, QC, H2S 3B3
(514) 271-2057


Trou de beignes


I have seen many pictures on Instagram and they all seemed as appetizing as each other. You have no choice; you really want to eat them. I’m surprised not to have been there before! Very simple, a little shop with a single counter, which shows you one sample of each flavor and  available size. When we speak of size; regular or scout (small!). Limited quantities, order or get there early to be able to choose the kind you want. When you have the latest one in a format they directly take it in the stand; disappointment for the people behind you…


The display: for the time being the available flavours and the size of your choice (regular or scout). I preferred the scout size; I feel less guilty to eat more than one!

How are these donuts? Real satisfaction in the mouth! A real treat! I enjoyed the flavors that I have eaten. Just south of Jean-Talon market, it was worth the detour. Good, soft and fresh donuts, I could not ask for more !!! Original flavors for everyone taste and so tasty. Why not buy one of each and share? A beautiful discovery and MlleClo will go back for sure !!! I did found that the hosting could have been a little warmer, but otherwise I have nothing to say to this beautiful discovery.

Trou de beigne!home-f/csjr

156 Ruer Saint-Zotique E,
Montréal, QC, H2S 1K8
(514) 701-3735


A recipe to go with this tour?

MlleClo Baguette on the go

-1 French baguette - Joe La Croûte
-Q.s. Smoked maple mustard - Quincaillerie Dante
-100g to 250g Porchetta - Boutique Atelier Travaglini inc


Step 1

Cut the baguette on the lengthwise and lightly spread with smoked maple mustard.

Step 2

Add warm Porchetta.

Step 3

Cut sandwich into desired portions.

-Please note that the mustard is slightly sweet. First put a little,  if necessary add more.

-Wrapped in a plastic wrap, you can keep the sandwich about 2 days.


Bon Appétit!

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